A celebration of two births
and an invite to join my village

Today is a special day. It is a day of birthing, of breakthroughs, of leaping into the unknown. On July 31st of 2012, my sweet darling Talia Clementine danced into this world. She was tiny, a long and delicate creature who sang with the scent of cream pie filling and boiled baby potatoes fresh from the ground. She was vibrant with earthiness and the energy of soft and steady wind.

My baby girl has changed my world, sparked the kind of love you feel deep in the recesses of your gut, the kind that floods you and makes your head spin. The world has never felt so dizzy so complicated, challenging and blissed out. It has not been the easiest year, but it has been the best.

This time last July came with another huge milestone. The morning after my daughter’s perfect entrance, I received an email. It was a newsletter from Spirit Beauty Lounge, announcing the launch of May Lindstrom Skin, not twelve hours after giving birth in our home, not twelve hours after experiencing the most physically and emotionally intense experience of my life.

In under a day, I presented to the world my first born child, and also the baby of an idea I had held for years – what was now May Lindstrom Skin, a passion project I had poured every cent I could claim to my name and every ounce of energy and love and perseverance into. That day, this day, one year ago… I felt full and proud and happy and scared and so incredibly overflowing with all of it. I was shaken to my core and now, 365 days later, I am still dancing in the ripple, cascading with the waves and eb and flow and joyous challenge that comes with growing this business, this grand dream of mine, while raising this beautiful child and striving to be fully present with her magic, to give her the mother that I have felt welling up inside me since I was very small.

Photos by Caitlin Van Horn

She is teaching me, sharing lessons simply through her existence. Not yet able to walk, my angel is testing gravity, pulling herself to standing and then letting go. She trusts in a way that is beautiful and poetic. So new. She is fresh and ancient all at once, her tiny body not nearly prepared to contain her majestic spirit.

Today, I ask you to join me in raising both of my babies. You hear over and over throughout your life “it takes a village”. And now that I am here, I know without a doubt, that this is true. I can give every bit of myself to sweet Talia, and she will still need the stories and wisdom and love of those around her to fully form her ultimate self. She will need challenges and obstacles, infinite exploration and floods of inspiration. She will need me, her loving father, our friends and the souls she chooses as years go by. She will need you.

When I launched with my first retailer one year ago, I had no idea what would happen. It was as much a mystery as parenting turned out to be. Spirit Demerson believed in my vision, in my mission to introduce beautiful, loving, self care rituals into the lives of women, and she sought out my tiny little line with full confidence that her loyal clients would embrace it, and me. And they did. The amazingly supportive online community began to take notice, bloggers picked up on what I was doing and the effects of my creations and started writing about it, sharing and getting their readers excited. More retailers came. Suddenly my emails became a series of personal communications with clients, exchanges so intimate and trusting that I would sit silently with them, eyes clouded over and heart bursting. Suddenly, this itty bitty dream was a real company, albeit still a tiny one that I continue to operate out of my private home studio, my baby girl playing at my ankles. I am here, in a place I wouldn’t have had the courage to even imagine on my own. I am so incredibly thankful for each of you reading, for joining in, for celebrating and helping me to rise up. I hope you will continue to share with me, and to let me share with you in this new space. I am wide open. Lets build stories together.

Happy birthday my sweet Talia Clementine. Mama loves you so very much.

2012-08-11 13.30.36
Photo by Tiana Hunter



Dear Friends,

After many years of dreaming, I am finally able to sit for a moment and breathe in what it feels like to be truly on the verge of something. It’s an incredibly powerful, exciting and admittedly intimidating time for me.

I started formulating potions and beauty treats as a little girl. To me, there has always been something magical about plants and flowers, clays and salts, oils and lovely scented gifts plucked straight from nature. I grew up deep in the countryside in northern Minnesota and the bounty the land fostered still holds me in a state of awe.

At eight years old, I had no qualms about gathering red mud from puddles after a rainfall and slathering myself head to toe as I fantasized Cleopatra and regal women all throughout history did. A shallow river ran through my yard and I would sit immersed in a “chair” I built of smooth stones piled into a current, streams trickling over my young shoulders. I told myself stories of luxurious rituals and loved the peace in these moments hidden away from my untamed older brothers pretending to be Ninja Turtles in the forest next to me.

I recognized even then the power of taking a time out to concoct a beautiful experience, to indulge my senses and delight in the joys of my own skin. To do something entirely for me at that age didn’t seem so novel – it seemed the most natural and purely instinctual thing to do.

Today, I have a blessed and busy life that is often as chaotic as it is wonderful and I am constantly reminding myself to carry on the rituals that feed the romance I have with my own self. When I make the time, I am a different woman.

I created this line to inspire other women (and men!) to claim their space, to seek out pleasure and to find that treat that makes them feel simply delicious. Without a doubt beauty comes from within and my hope is that May Lindstrom Skin ignites in you the stuff daydreams and little girl fantasies are made of…. Oh yes, and that includes gorgeous skin that simply glows with healthy radiance!

With Love,